Vivienne Milburn FRICS, is the Midlands leading company of Independent Art & Antiques Valuers and Auctioneers.

Be assured that you will get the maximum price for your antiques and fine art at auction with Vivienne Milburn FRICS, Independent Antiques Valuer and Auctioneer.

Peace of mind that your fine art and antiques will be sold in the most appropriate auction.

Vivienne Milburn FRICS is a Chartered Arts & Antiques Valuer and Auctioneer and has both International and Provincial saleroom experience and is able to offer clients a complete auction service. As I am not committed to any one saleroom I can sell your antiques and fine arts through the most appropriate saleroom available in order to maximise the true market value.

This service does not cost any more than the usual auctioneer’s commission, as I work on an introductory commission basis arranged with the appropriate saleroom.

Your antiques or fine arts may be sold internationally, in London, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire, whatever is appropriate.

Sale Valuations

A professional valuation on an open market basis can be carried out, valuations of this type are a realistic idea of what your antiques and fine arts would make at auction. 


Advise on selling your antiques and works of art whether you have furniture, pictures, silver, jewellery, china, or works of art, arrangements can be made for them to be included in an auction whether you have a single item or a complete house contents.

This usually involves a visit to your home to value your antiques and fine arts to make the necessary arrangements.  There is usually no charge for this visit.  

Free valuations at my office in Great Longstone are often more suitable for smaller items.

Antiques Auction Derbyshire
Antiques Auction Derbyshire

Probate Valuation for Deceased’s Estates

In order to provide the executors of a deceased’s estate with an accurate idea of the value of the contents of a property, valuations of this type are on an open market basis. I can also identify items that have been bequeathed for beneficiaries.  


Valuations for probate usually follow an initial discussion with the client.


Arrangements for selling the antiques and fine arts at auction can also be arranged. 

Valuations for deceased’s estates are always given priority for security reasons.


Insurance Valuations

Can be carried out on your home contents or single works of art and include anything from furniture, pictures, silver, jewellery, china, and collectables, right down to the fitted carpets and curtains if this is appropriate.


Following a visit to the client’s home to discuss your requirements, arrangements are usually made to produce a valuation with prices fixed appropriately for the client.


There is no charge for the initial visit.

Valuation fees are charged at an hourly rate. A quote for a valuation can be given prior to conducting the valuation with no obligation. All work is undertaken in the strictest confidence.

Antiques Auction Derbyshire
Antiques Valuer Derbyshire

Insurance Claim Valuations

Valuations for insurance claims can often be very helpful in the event of a post theft valuation or in the event of a breakage.


This type of work can usually be carried out from description or photographic evidence.  


Family Division Valuations

These are carried out on an open market basis and can be very beneficial in the event of matrimonial disputes and also in the case of deceased’s estates when antiques and fine arts require splitting amongst family members.  

Antiques Valuer Derbyshire