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Privacy Policy

This page gives information about if you contact Vivienne Milburn how I collect your data and how it might be used after contacting me.


About contacting Vivienne Milburn


When filling in a contact form on my website a secure record of your data will be stored to provide the services and products requested.If there is no further contact your data will be deleted within 1 year. If I am requested to fulfil a job requirement your data will be stored on Vivienne Milburn password protected computer and external hard drives indefinitely, you may ask me to remove your personal data at any point and I will be happy to do so.


I will reply to your email as soon as possible and will not contact you for future marketing purposes or give your data to third parties.


How Vivienne Milburn collects data


I will collect different data before, during and after depending on the services requested. This includes-

• Names, addresses and contact information of the person(s) using our services.
• Details and notes taken throughout conversations to help provide the services and products requested.


Occasionally data maybe given from a third party, for example a family member or friend to request my services to you.


Access to your data


If you would like further information on the guidelines about how we use your data, please visit the ICO’s website


Should you have any questions or like any clarification please feel free to contact me directly.


Vivienne Milburn contact details are below

Thank you for taking the time to read my privacy policy.

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